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Time series analysis with python

Hello guys there is something new which i get to know which help me to learn more and explore more about the the time series analysis python

install 20.4 alongside win 10 failed with 'grub-install/dev/sda' failed

Hi been struggling with this for several hours. I have win 10 on a legacy bios. I had installed ubuntu20.04 successfully and dual booting fine. But silly me then decided to install LXQT 20.04 over that. This resulted in an abort at the grub stage and the grub rescue prompt and therefore no access...

Keyboard, mouse & touchpad gone

Been using Ubuntu for 2-3 years now on an Acer Aspire E5-511. Was using 18.04, an update early September killed the keyboard, Bluetooth mouse & touchpad. It is a known issue I found out how to boot using previous kernels and the...

HELP! Adaptec raid problem

Came to look at the system this morning and it was sick: I'd left a jornalctl window open and was seeing lots of arrors reports against /dev/sda1 which is a hardware raid behind an Adaptec ASR-51245. After rebooting I went back in the journal to find this in the wee small hours: Code:...

Issue with kernel upgrade

The system boots fine but I'm not able to run apt-get install commands. It seems to me that the kernel has half installed. Through the update I was prompted to run following: Code: --------- sudo apt --fix-broken install Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree

RAID/disk array card problem with identifying disks

Hello, I have lot of disks in my computer - disks has different age and condition. I have a problems in syslog(dmesg-T output below). I have IBM/LENOVO RAID controlled named 1068E, but probably with changed firmware to normal controller - I see all 8 disks connected to it as normal drives like...

Existing OS not recognised by live DVD and Scroll Arrows on Ubuntu

1. Wanting to install Ubuntu 20.04 on a "new" (refurbished) Lenovo PC with an existing Win 10 installation that I want to keep and be able to select. Installation progresses initially but then tells me no OS has been detected. It has worked out that there are 500MB of files on the 1TB hdd and...

how to create a portable ubuntu usb?

can I run ubuntu from usb on any other computer? like the Windows To Go drive. it seems there is no softwares or tools that can copy ubuntu ISO to USB as portable. I konw how to burn iso to usb as a bootable installer, but that's not what I need, I need a portable ubuntu usb. any suggestion?

What should be the platform from Web development newbie.

Please suggest your opinion and experience.

Slow connection via Panda Wireless PAU06

Hello, I am having an issue with wireless adapter performing very poorly on POP OS and Ubuntu 20.04. All updates installed, I even upgraded the kernel manually to 5.8. Downloads average around 1.5 Mbps. I feel I've ruled out a router issue, I feel it could be a driver issue because this...